Sunday, July 22, 2007


The safety of our drinking water is often taken for granted in America. In recent years, however, environmentalists and the media have drawn attention to the dangers of ground water pollution and the health risks of lead, chlorine, pesticides, organic chemicals, and various microorganisms that have been found to contaminate our public water supplies. Outbreaks of waterborne diseases are a common occurrence and have involved entire city populations, sometimes leading to serious complications and even fatalities. The potential carcinogenic effects of long-term exposure to certain organic chemicals in our water supplies are under government scrutiny.

Sources of Water Pollution
from Is Our Water Safe to Drink?

Above is the opening paragraph from a new book, Is Our Water Safe To Drink? A Guide to Drinking Water Hazards and Health Risks,* by NOHA Professional Advisory Board Member J. Gordon Millichap, MD. He has given us an excellent summary of the health risks in our drinking water from pollutants such as microorganisms, toxic minerals, pesticides, radon, and radioactive waste. In every case, Dr. Millichap gives the sources of contamination, the symptoms and treatment, and ways to avoid or minimize our exposure. He explains systems and degrees of water treatment along with their advantages and limitations.

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