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"Bringing Waters Back To Life"

Geomatika Technology has patented Crystal Carbon Biotech System and Pyro Miracle under Patent No : P120033853. The systems produce super activated carbon that is 90% pure carbon (FRIM tested) and a by-product of this process is a pyroligneous acid. The liquid has more than 200 constituent part, mainly comprising organic chemicals. The system uses natural local products to produce the Super Carbon and Pyro Miracle.

The System has been used extensively to treat waste water that produce sludge and odour. Disposal of sludge is one of the biggest problems challenging science and technology today. Crystal Carbon Biotech System uses beneficial bacteria to rehabilitate environments that would otherwise be considered irreversibly polluted, in a process known as bioremediation. Crystal Carbon Biotech System has been used to treat the worst toxic water pollutions in Malaysia with success.

In Malaysia, studies regarding the science behind the perceived results shown in utilization of these products have been certified by three local universities and related Government Departments. The products have applications in a wide large of fields, ranging from waste water, agro, live stock, aquaculture, beautician, health and household applications.



Most rivers and water bodies in Malaysia are polluted by animal farm waste, contamination factory waste, urines and food wastage. Accordingly ammonia gas, methane gas polluting water heavily and accumulated sludge will destroy the life of aquatic organisms.

Insects and fish are disappearing making the environment a bad condition for living and habitation. Final flow of this water carries organic and inorganic materials to the open sea without bacterial microorganism biodegrading very poisonous material. Some of them accumulated in the food and return to human body.

Crystal Carbon offers accommodation for beneficial microorganism to reproduce and increase in numbers to clean the surrounding.

Properties and characteristics of the system area absorb and harmful chemical pollutants, killing unwanted microbes and involve in bioconversion of ammonia to nitrogen and protein, destroying bad composition like phosphorus for the BM to consume it, and remove the origin of bad smell immediately and kill fungus completely to create a favourable environment.

Pyro Miracle is a yellowish to reddish brown distillate containing crude acetic acid, methyl alcohol, acetone and a tarry residue. It has 200 components with 8 % water,7 % organic acid, 8 % organic ingredient and small amount of minerals depend on the types of raw material used.

Crystal Carbon is 90 % pure carbon. The surface absorption area is app. 1000 m²/gm and has microspores of 1 nm. It absorption power of at 200 mg crystal carbon can absorb 100 % (cleanup 60 ppm) pollutants in water.

Our fantastic Crystal Carbon is much powerful if placed in the bottom of the river. Billions and billions of micro holes become this condominium and reproduced their power. They are best cleaning force by working 240hours continuously.

The carbon also keeps the river clean and will last forever and no replacement is needed.

Properly organize the combination of Crystal CArbon and Dia Miracle to clean the water BOD 0.5 PPM with no pollutant and no chemical. Fishes, insects and mosses will come back just like 50 years before.

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